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Why R3 Conference?

The Need for Spiritual Awakening

Wesley L. Duewel in his book, Ablaze for God, highlights this subject very vividly; “Christian leadership demands our spiritual best, and more. To our best must be added God’s supernatural enabling touch.”

Our best efforts in ministry are never enough. We constantly need the lord’s extra touch. We need His HOLY FIRE. Spurgeon insisted, “It is extraordinary spiritual unction, not extraordinary intellectual power that we need.”

No Christian leader can be continuously and completely satisfied in his or her ministry without that divine enabling – the glow, the fire, and the power of the Holy Spirit. It must be present in us and active through us, stemming from a healthy, holy and humble soul.

A life ablaze is always a much greater blessing than the same life without the flame of the Spirit. Thus, The R3 Conference gives you an opportunity and atmosphere to express your hunger and surrender for a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Fellowship and Encouragement are vital for Pastors and Leaders

Christian leaders need each other. Meeting up with co-workers and fellow pastors is like a reunion of old classmates. It deepens relationships and strengthens ties. It’s a wonderful time of meeting other coworkers in the same city. The more friends you make the more encouragement and helping hands available for you.

Jesus Christ emphasized the powerful witness of mutual love among the disciples: “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (Jn.13:35). Pastors and leaders must have unity if we want to see the Kingdom of God come in power.

We must have unity if we want to see spiritual growth, church growth and nations saved. Unity is imperative if Christian leaders are to see God’s glory manifested. The R3 Conference offers a place of common gathering, for Pastors and Christian Leaders from all churches and ministries coming together in one accord. How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! … For there the Lord bestows his blessings even life forevermore.

You Need New Insights and Perspectives

If you were a physician, accountant, teacher or attorney, you wouldn’t have a choice- your professional organizations would require you to earn a certain number of continuing education units on a regular basis as evidence that you are keeping up-to-date in your field. Why do you think pastoral ministry deserves less attention?

The reality is that there is so much to learn- whether you are a Pastor of a mega church or small group church, seminary teacher or institutional leader. There are new ideas, new information, new trends to understand. The Word may be eternal, but there are fresh insights you haven’t heard before, new things to learn about preaching, about leadership, and pastoral service. Most times we keep doing the same things we have done over the years gone by make us stale and stagnated. New perspectives gained from these conferences will make a great difference in your future ministry.